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Random musings about stuff

First blogpost ever. Well, first posting for a non-corporate blog anyway.

In a bid to explain what this blog is all about I’m going to borrow from Monty Python.

Python's Spanish Inquisition

Communication via the medium of Monty Python

This blog’s chief theme is about media… media and technology, technology and media – the two main themes of this blog are technology and media, and science. The THREE main themes of this blog are technology, media and science and an almost obsessional devotion to sport. The four, no among the main themes are….  Well you get the picture.

I’m basically going to write about stuff that I find interesting. There will almost certainly be robots. Probably a liberal sploosh of speech radio (including podcasts) too, as well as stuff that I ponder about – such as how Bond villains get planning permission.  Enough now, time to launch the good ship Doobiewotsit…



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