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A flight of fancy – or the annual ‘could an NFL-style draft work in English football’ comment piece

For a country in which some hold the view that free health care is tantamount to communism, the US does a brilliant line in socialism when it comes to sport. The NFL draft is underway. For the last two nights, I’ve watched, bleary-eyed, as the multi-billion dollar industry enacts its own socialist principles of the … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Apple iBike, back to the future and Lego

Another seven days have been and gone, and some more digital delights have flickered across my screen. In this week’s round up, Apple now have designs on bikes, a great blog post on the future of news from way back when and more on Doctor Who. On your bike The Guardian’s Bike Blog reported on … Continue reading

So, apparently there’s a wedding this week?

As most of us are now painfully aware, there’s a Royal knot-tying ceremony taking place tomorrow in Westminster Abbey. The future King of Britain, is to wed the people’s commoner Kate Middleton. In fact you’d be doing well to have avoided this news.  There are reported to be around 8,000 journalists covering this event, around … Continue reading

Nobody knows anything – but having a champion sure makes things easier

Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman summed up Hollywood in three words, “Nobody knows anything”. Goldman – responsible for All The Presidents Men, Marathon Man and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – wrote the phrase in his book Adventures in the Screen Trade, detailing his life in the film business up until the early 80s. (It … Continue reading

Another one bytes the dust

Reports that the world’s last manufacturer of typewriters has closed its final production plant should come as no surprise. They seem to be about to follow the instamatic camera, phone box and the cassette Walkman into obsolescence. (Though there still appears to be some hope as this story indicates) That’s sad, not suprising, but sad … Continue reading

Fright Night Revamped

Back in the 1980s when Paul Lavers ruled the late night airwaves, Anglia TV had a late night strand called the Friday Frightener. Lavers, an immaculately coiffed TV presenter, with a smooth sonorous voice was the man who would introduce me to a world of late night horror. The mainstays were the Hammer classics of … Continue reading

WoW: Smackdown illustrated monster melees

The internet is a marvellous thing. As Chris Addison says – the entire world’s knowledge is at our fingertips. We can find out anything, access lectures from Harvard and Cambridge, watch brilliantly filmed short movies – but it’s also a brilliant place to discover new things. For the first in an occasional feature – Website … Continue reading

TWTWTW: A tear, Sarah Jane?…

Time for another round-up of web-related wonder, this week some very touching tributes to Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen who died this week, More Who and some meeja moves. Goodbye Sarah Jane To many Elisabeth Sladen was THE Doctor Who companion. Aside from the instant reaction to the news on Twitter, there were some genuinely touching … Continue reading

Epic Fail

Failure has become something of a recurring theme of late. I’m involved in a project which is exploring this theme. Our aim is to boost interest in technology, by allowing children to be more creative, by exploring the range of possibilities and not being held back or discouraged by the fear of failure. So it’s … Continue reading

A fitting tribute

Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen died yesterday. This was the tribute on DorkTower.com… For me, the image sums up the reaction to the news nicely and is up there with these two pictorial tributes, the first to the loss of Muppet creator Jim Henson and the second to Mel Blanc, the voice of some of the … Continue reading