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That was the week that was...

That was the week that was

A round up of top tweets and other web marvels…

A few handpicked favourites from the week just gone (and as it was April Fool’s day a brief nod to a clever jape). This week’s round up include’s robot’s, top TV, 3D printing and bullet time.

Bullet time - Cambridge style

Bullet time - Cambridge style

Strike a light

It was the end of the Cambridge Science Festival last week and the image on the left was taken with a 300 million fps camera. Showing an air gun pellet striking a match.
Return of a cult hero
Great news this week as Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently. Gently believes in the interconnectedness of all things. The hour long episode which screened at Christmas was brilliant, Stephen Mangan appearing to relish the role. Read about the announcement here
Doctor in the House
The marvellous Steven Moffat looks like conjuring up another classic dollop of time travell sci-fi adventure with the new series of Doctor Who. The twittersphere has already been ablaze with Neil Gaiman’s script for the Doctor’s Wife. Now the latest trailer has just gone on line and it looks – to quote the 9th Doctor – Fantastic. See the trailer here.

No way to run a railroad
Came across a really interesting post from Digitaltonto about the real betrayal to quality journalism than running a media business poorly. Not sure I agree with all of it, but worth a read.
New Media Moguls
Sticking with media A number of winners were announced by IC tomorrow for new digital businesses. A round up of the winners are available here, including a new 3D printing manufacturing firm.
Making it
Sticking with 3D manufacturing came across this in Wired – a printed flying ornithopter few great ‘craft’ stories. Check out these dinosaur models made from old vinyl LPs
For Lovers of tech and old public information films
BoingBoing unearthed these gems from the AT&T archive
A seagull that won’t steal your chips or leave a deposit on your head
And staying with flying robots, Festo, who developed the air penguin have now come up with the Smartbird Flying Robotic seagull. Now if tennis had robots I would definitely buy tickets for Wimbledon
And finally, All Work and No play…
Jack Schofield tweeted this excellent LEGO Movie Still site by Alex Eylar. Love The Shining one.


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