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Definitely not the new Lionel Messi takes a bow

Two weeks ago Norwich City boss Paul Lambert made two loan signings. Forwards Sam Vokes of Wolves – a man it’s not hard to recognise in a crowd – and Liverpool striker Dani Pacheco.

Pacheco: Messi-esque: image by Jamie Tullett

It’s fair to say that Pacheco generated the most buzz. Vokes was a familiar face and name from his loan spell with Leeds, but the little Spaniard was something of an unkown quantity.

With a pedigree boasting both Liverpool and Barcelona, it’s fair to say expectations were raised a tad above average.

As with most loan signings, fans scoured the internet for reviews on the new player and the general response from the Anfield faithful was that Lambert had secured the services of something of a gem.

Seeing in which way the Canary twitterati, forum fans and other internet tribes were heading, Lambert sought to dampen the excitement around the talented 20-year-old.

People shouldn’t expect him to come in and start playing like Lionel Messi – Lambert

That worked a treat.  Arturo Lupoli – not half the player Pacheco looks to be – was hailed as a saviour largely based on the fact he was a) quite skillful and b) scored an absolute belter for Derby.

Even putting the name Messi in the same sentence as the man knowss as El Asesino guaranteed that expectations were raised.

Lambert putting his name on the starting 11 list meant that by kick-off, most of the 26,512 strong crowd couldn’t wait to see hm in action in yesterday’s league match against lowly Scunthorpe.

We weren’t disappointed.  Beautiful touch and the ability to thread perfectly weighted passes were soon evident. His contribution to the first two of Holt’s history-making hat-trick can’t be overestimated. beautiful pass into Surman and a darting run in a give and go which led to Holt sliding in the first. Followed by a delightful ball to Holt’s feet before being upended by Scunthorpe’s Reid.

He also has a keen eye for goal. A fantastic 40-yard lob effort in the second half just one example of his burgeoning talent. One would suspect that there are plenty of goals in his sparkly red boots.

His appearance not only galvanised the crowd but the team put on a performance that was simply outstanding. Maybe the fact that he has Barca sporting DNA meant the team decided to try to emulate the boys from the Camp Nou. He may not be Messi, or even Messianic – but if his debut resulted in a 6-0 thrashing,you would suspect that th fans are going to enjoy the ride nonetheless.



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