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Syfy movie name generator

A few years back now, I used to work for a company developing digital media products.

These projects were always given a code name – usually something prosaic like Project Purple (real title).  Yes, imaginative wasn’t it? Generating all the excitement of the prospect of playing cribbage in a caravan park in Cromer on a wet Tuesday afternoon.  I always wanted to give them the kind of name that wouldn’t have been out-of-place on Where Eagles Dare.

Broadsword calling Danny Boy, come in Danny Boy…

Well you get the picture…

Just picture how great it would have been to work on a project called Operation Frozen Sparrow, there would even be a guideline that you had to mention the name in the clipped tones of a World war Two fighter pilot (or at least like one of the pilots from Armstrong and Miller, get me blood?)

I always kind of fantasised that one day I might fetch up in the kind of job which required imaginative – or at least faintly absurd names for projects or development.  Sadly only the military seem to really enjoy the whole naming thing – Operation Odyssey Dawn etc. Not all that appealing. But then Syfy’s stream of B-Movies hoved into view.

Clearly the good geeks who sit in movie development love naming projects too. Afterall they’ve brought us such gems as:


Fish supper Syfy style

Sharktopus – tagline Half-Shark. Half -Octopus. All Terror. Mega Python vs Gatoroid and Dinoshark

The most recent gem from the schlock horror stable is Piranhanaconda.

Genius.  Obviously a great deal of creative juices flow when coming up with the next 90 minutes of monster mayhem and carnivore carnage.  But everything needs a process, and looking at some of the back catalogue, which got me wondering about the process. I mean there has to be a process to come up with something as jaw-droppingly brilliant as Piranhanaconda.

May be something like this:

Syfy naming process

B-movie naming decision chart


I’m off to write a better tagline for Bearanodon – One Grizzly Lizard, one doomed town...



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