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Bike round-up: Cosworth, printing pedals & bikes maker-style

So Cosworth, the company that brought us the boy racer thanks to the additional oomph it was able to pack into its engines for Ford, is moving in to the electric bike market.


Cosworth Storck e-bike

Mmmmm, Cosworth

The company have started collaborating with German manufacturer Storck. It’s a carbon frame and it looks set to sell for around £4k.  All the power of Cosworth without the need to sport a Burberry cap and gold bling.


While it’s not going to make people want to ditch their motor for an EV, it might give it a little more cool!

More on the story can be seen here

Printed bikes

Unless you’ve been living on Mars you’ll have also seen the sensational 3D printed bike from the aerospace group EADS.

It was basically the project of two engineers, working on a new manufacturing process for the Bristol-based company. They  wondered whether they could use it to do something very cool – the result was the printed bike. See the BBC blog and video here.

Beeb reporter tests EADS bike


Finally, Make – THE go-to site for the maker movement – have decided that April is to be bike Month.

They’re promising some pretty cool sounding stuff, including a making session with the folks at Atomic Zombie. As well as tips and video on all the skills you need for bike making and maintenance. So it’ll be well worth keeping tabs on.

Also the Make:Live web TV show on April 13th will also be devoted to bikes and if you can’t stand up till the wee small hours to watch, it’s available as a podcast from the likes of iTunes.




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