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TWTWTW: X-ray specs, more robots and Doctor Who

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

So another week, another whirlwind round-up of treats from the internets. This week’s stroll through a string of lovely linkage includes real-life x-ray specs, penguin guided robots and Doctor Who!

See-through tech

Remember Bubba Joe chewing gum, and the little booklet which said you could buy x-ray specs? Well the clever folk at Cambridge Consultants have developed a hi-tech real-life equivalent. The firm’s device can see things through walls and render images in 3D – story here

For CD’s size did matter – a tech just so story.

Radio 4’s More or Less presenter Tim Harford spotted an intriguing tale about why CD’s are 12cm in diameter – it’s all to do with Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

Let’s be AVin you *winner of the obvious headline of the week award

Andrew Rawnsley’s excellent piece on AV  was a fantastic counterpoint to all anti AV nonsense. I jotted some of my own thoughts here

BBC’s myth engine and upcoming sci-fi festival

BBC boffins construct a new way to keep tabs on your favourite telly characters and keeping with storytelling there’s a new Sci-Fi exhibition at the British Library which looks amazing

The Doctor is in (almost)

No doubt if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll have already devoured these online snippets, but they’re worth repeating, so for your delight and delectation here are Neil Gaiman’s Perfect Introduction To Doctor Who For New Viewers

While BBC America’s Doctor Who Insider had a brief making of new season.

On the wireless

Great blog post by BBC Executive Producer Cathy Drysdale on the Desert Island Discs archive. The first two episodes of the new season are Martin Sheen and Terry Gilliam – still got it.

The next industrial revolution

Great post, simple question and no easy answer:  Robots are the next revolution, so why isn’t anyone acting like it?

The science bit

The Economist describes How the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell changed the world

Barmy over Babbage

If I was to say, a 3D printed Difference Engine, you’d think that was cool right? Good – go here and see

Commodore is back

Sticking with early computers – the Commodore 64 is back!

Some video

Adam Buxton’s latest bit of jingle magic

It’s only &*%@!#* football

Mark Steel sums up the Rooney swearing rumpus – eloquently

Irony as German boffins test goal-line tagging tech

The BBC covered the attempt by German scientists to test tagging technology in football, pretty nifty system.

Why robots need to p-p-p-pickup a penguin

Penguins used to guide underwater robots – do we need to say anything else?

And finally…

If this doesn’t melt the heart of even the most cynical geek, then there’s something wrong. Help a little girl get better



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