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TWTWTW: Wherever I hang my bike…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

So, the end of another week – and time for another round-up of stuff that tickled my fancy. This week’s round-up includes an off-the-wall storage idea, some  brilliant radio treats and a fantastical pledge to re-invigorate US manufacturing.

Epic Win over Fail

Designer James Dyson with some good commentary “in praise of failure”

Radio Days

The mighty Adam and Joe returned to BBC6 Music with three hours of audio treats. It’s  basically two mates having a laugh, the kind of stuff that I used to record with mates on our old tape recorder. But better obviously. If like me you’re subject to domestic duties on a Saturday morning, it’s also available in pod form. It’s worth listening to just for the jingles…

Terry Gilliam was on Desert Island Discs and in related news fellow Python Terry Jones in the Telegraph

Also special mention for some excellent shows that have been gracing BBC Radio 4 Extra (the radio station formerly known as Radio 7). Ectoplasm – charting the adventures of Lord Zimbabwe is back, as is the Very World of Milton Jones.

All, in all you’re just another bike on the wall…

Shocklee twitter feed brought a novel solution to bike parking to my attention – hanging it on the wall. While I’ve seen similar concepts before, this one is particularly colourful.

Random quote:

End of the 7th and it’s 3-1 to the good guys – White Sox commentator on ESPN just before Sox lost 7-4 to the A’s

Tech news: E reading revolution

Channel 4 News technology editor Benjamin Cohen looks at the on the next steps of e-books development:

If you don’t fancy reading – Mashable brought news of a new way of consuming web video.

And on the subject of video – it was a case of Flipping Heck after this pretty stunning news from the folk at Cisco

Unfortunate juxtaposition of the week…

Thank you, Bleeding Cool, thank you. I bring you the Walking Dead Billboard Posted On Funeral Home

My story of the week…


Make blog featured the AT-AT project

How do we galvanise the US economy and make people proud of manufacturing? That was the simple question posed by this new (and perhaps somewhat unrealistic) American hero.

You build a fully functional, full-scale model of the original Imperial Walker.  Obvious really…

Meeja news:

A few stories caught my eye – there was a very interesting read in The Economist – The Digital Economy: Jobs of the Future . Then there was this gem of a post (and the reason I wrote this) looking into the subject of Sports owners, journalism & business:  Why Two NBA team owners say they don’t need the media

Plus nice piece in Angel News which points out that with all the hype about Silicon Roundabout –  not all the Roots of Digital Britain are in London

 Interesting snippet from Guardian Books

Anthony Horowitz has just revealed the title for his new Sherlock Holmes novel. It’s The House of Silk . Out November 1.

Sport news: Baseball’s biggest hero?

It was Jackie Robinson day in MLB Friday. #42 was the first African-American to break the colour bar in Major League Baseball. BBC World Service Witness programme is worth a listen

And finally…

Worthwhile cause of the week is this new initiative to create a Science Centre in Cambridge


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