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TWTWTW: A tear, Sarah Jane?…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Time for another round-up of web-related wonder, this week some very touching tributes to Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen who died this week, More Who and some meeja moves.

Goodbye Sarah Jane

Elisabeth Sladen

To many Elisabeth Sladen was THE Doctor Who companion. Aside from the instant reaction to the news on Twitter, there were some genuinely touching tributes.

I’ve already mentioned the great cartoon from DorkTower, here’s a selection of some of others.

The genuinely great Tom Baker wrote quite a moving piece on his website – full of disbelief and emotion.

Kyle Anderson penned this tribute in Nerdist

A selection of tributes from those connected to Who were released by the BBC, along with this from the man who brought her back to the series, Russell T. Davies.

But perhaps the most heart-rending were these words from her younger fans.

The Now Show’s Mitch Benn is now trying to make a proper video to accompany this song:

Other Who news

Doctor Who returns on Saturday night for a brand new season, and lo, the Timelord-related tales began to appear.

China has something in common with the Cybermen in that they both fear the Doctor

A Cambridge academic has managed to establish what makes the Daleks so scary and for new fans – The Fine Bros. produced this handy “previously on…”

Last week’s big question answered

Could Americareally build an AT-AT? An Engineer’s response is it all depends on Lucasfilm and the availability of $100m

Meeja News

Great interview on MediaShift with Dan Gillmor Excited by Experiments by Entrepreneurial Journalists, one of the reason’s I wrote this

Graham Linehan posted this link to the Guardian’s story on the proposed change in IP Law – his Tweet in full:

“Fair Use will destroy British television!” cries British television #headinthesand #businessasusual

Some interesting, if incomplete, research on how the BBC sources local news stories

And a decent read on DigitalTonto on the Value and Costs of Good Journalism

Top TV

HBO renews ‘Game of Thrones’ for second season and in related news women hit back at the NY Times over its review of the show

Great post on why you should really start watching Fringe

Marvellous Makers

Interesting new website – a kind of kickstarter-meets Etsy for product designers – go check out GetItMade

On the subject of Makers , The WashPo had this story on the Impact the movement is having on innovation

Mashable story on the disruptive potential of 3D printing on manufacturing and boing Boing had this on the world’s most complicated Rube Goldberg machine

Awesome example of making in action with the ultimate pirate bedroom

Makers In The WashingtonPost: the maker movement’s impact on real-world innovation

Silent film star news

Radio 4’s Film Programme regular   & silent film accompanist Neil Brand blogs about 1926’s The Black Pirate

AV some more (Yes I am running out of AV puns now)

Churchill: opposed to AV and to votes for women. Debunking the anti-AV myths, with the Sindie – my take is here



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