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TWTWTW: Apple iBike, back to the future and Lego

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Another seven days have been and gone, and some more digital delights have flickered across my screen. In this week’s round up, Apple now have designs on bikes, a great blog post on the future of news from way back when and more on Doctor Who.

On your bike

The Guardian’s Bike Blog reported on an innovative new bicycle, designed to set new speed records. It’s made of wood, looks great and is all for a £1 bet. Let’s hope they raise the £7,500 needed to set the record. However, this wooden bike looks a little more comfortable

Staying with bikes, Velovision, reported plans for a new smart bike by Apple it’s a relatively old story, but well worth a read.

Best quip

I refuse to accept this wedding is a ‘fairytale’ until the Archbishop of Canterbury is eaten by a wolf wearing a lace cap and shawl. – @CharlieConnelly

We’re all makers now

 More cool stuff relating to the maker movement. The New York Times carried these two gems: Hands on kits to learn about science and engineering and news of the crowdsource-funded DIY product design movement. While if you have a spare £600 you might want to  build your own 3D printer  – it’s in Bath in July. Do it.

Back to the future

If like me, you loved Tomorrow’s World, then you’ll love this. Paleo Future  – the blog for the future that never was – contains this piece of future tech brilliance. The tablet newspaper as envisioned by Knight-Ridder in 1994.

Look Who’s back

The new season of Doctor Who was back with a bang. I loved these two visualisations

First up was the timeline of series 1-6 and the always great Jack Schofield tweeted this link to an updated graphic of every Doctor Who villain since 1963 In other news  BBC4 is to repeat Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear as a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

Lego reading aid

This great idea featured in Gizmodo – Lego helmets to encourage kids to read – one for Kickstarter?

Meeja News

Yesterday’s blog post mentions Al Jazeera’s new TV news experiment The Stream – read the New York Times story here

There was also a terrific read in the Guardian about the Radiolab podcast


NFL fans are still waiting for the lockout to be over – Judge Susan Nelson (aka Dragons’ Den star Doug Richards sister) ruled the lockout must end

In Baseball, Detroit Tigers LF Ryan Raburn gifted the Mariners a home run following this piece of bad luck

The Tribeca Film Festival is also showing a sports strand – in  particular  Catching Hell and Fire in Babylon sound good


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