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TWTWTW: Kung-fu bots and going up, up, up

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

So another seven days, and a fairly historic week at that – but as you’ve all read about the future sovereign getting spliced and the most famous sea burial – we’ll take a look at some of the items of interest which caught my eye this week.

Every Bot-ty was kung fu fighting…

Great New Scientist clip from the Robogames of mechanoid martial artists

Staying with Robots, some of you may have seen the Paul Merton travel series, where he ventured to China and met Mr Wu. Now the BBC have covered the story and given us another chance to see some amazing made-from-scrap robots

Going up

City promotion party

Just can’t get enough

For Norwich fans – there’s pretty much just been one story this week – promotion to the Premier League. Before the likes of Lawro and Lineker start to go through the predictable “favourites for the drop” routine – let’s just enjoy the rush.

Next generation geeks

Cambridge Tech inspired thousands to take up computing in the 80s, now it’s at it again with an amazing £15 computer.

Geovation Celebration

The innovation competition, which awards cash grants to do something useful with OS data announced the most recent winners this week – with a couple of wins for cycling related projects. Check out the details

Also in cycling check out Make:Live’s bike episode, enjoyable

Quote of the week

It’s like having Britney Spears in the class, only who plays cricket – class mate of Barney Gibson, 15, the youngest ever person to pay first class cricket

Entrepreneurial experimentation

Great blog post on why a Startup is Like a Science Experiment

Who knew?

This week marks the anniversary of the invention of science fiction

I love lamp…

A light socket that thinks it’s a clothes peg

…quite like these bookshelves too

Meeja news

Interesting post on Mashable – Does Twitter Drive TV Viewership? Perhaps not unrelated to this

Bit of local interest as South Norwich News reported on… “ a bunch of Archaeologists researching 700 year old skeletons go tight-lipped over what they’ve found. Documentary in the pipeline

Coming soon…
Infinite Monkey Cage is due back on Radio 4 this month – comic science geekery! And as @robinince says a new Utter Shambles with Josie Long too

Most poignant blog post of the week

Derek Miller’s final post


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