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TWTWTW: Digital journalism and the Galactic Empire Times

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

It’s that time of the week again, a week in which failure, the future of journalism (perhaps not unconnected) and Star Wars seemed to feature fairly prominently. And I promise not to mention a certain promotion celebration

Failure is an option

Undercover economist and presenter of Radio 4’s More or Less Tim Harford has produced an entertaining three-minute video (and nice book plug) about the three principles of failure. Kind of timely after the event I attended this week.


Galactic Empire Times

Forced Edition

Among the highlights of the week (this apart) was a fantastic Star Wars spoof of the NY Times Osama bin Laden story. Simply brilliant – from the excellent recruitment ad, all the way down to the comments.

Steampunk Star Wars

Staying with the Force, fabulous Victorian-style Star Wars figures – I’m pretty smitten by the R2D2 and Boba Fett re-imagining.  Revel in their awesomeness

And continuing with the re-imagining theme – BoingBoing had fantastic sci-film Tintin covers. Check out more of his artwork here. They also had some brilliant sci-fi-style Ikea manuals

Mieville, new novel – say no more

SPEZI-al report

Nice report in Velovision on the SPEZI show. I particularly like the velomobiles. WoOT!

Making it

Some more nice future manufacturing stuff. Wired had this article on 3D Printing: An Industrial Revolution in Digital Age?

The Manufacturer magazine carried a story on the British company gives the airship a makeoverI mentioned them here.

And there was this wonderful feature in the Independent on the cultural importance of manufacturing Not Made in England

Meeja news

Interesting piece in Street Fight, the new online mag for hyperlocal, on the right ratio of  Editors to Contributors

Columbia Journalism School had a report debating business models for digital journalism – don’t bank on paywalls

In other meeja news  Hillary Clinton Got Photoshopped, and Jeremy Hunt announced a delay on the new local TV network



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