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TWTWTW: Sarah Silverman ace baseball pundit

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

To borrow from I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue, as the Ipod tune of time shuffles into the playlist of obscurity it’s time to take another look at the week just gone.

Plenty of decent stuff this week – Newsnight’s Bionic Hand report, great piece on the power of YouTube to popularize science and a great insight into the mid of Neil Gaiman – brains behind one of the best Doctor Who stories ever.

But first…

Monorail, monorail got to have a monorail…

Nice read on the always excellent boingboing about America’s first monorail – it’s older than you think. Sticking with rail related transport – how about robotic levitating trains (this may have been an over-excited piece of paraphrasing)

Space age transport

Not a bad view: NASA twitpic

Endeavour blasted off for its last mission – it provided some amazing pictures such as this above and below the clouds and over Italy on Thursday

Comic icon movie news

 The Tintin trailer launched this week  I penned an @Storify on Tintin tinternet buzz while Bleeding cool had news of a certain indomitable Gaul

Doctor Who

Neil Gaiman, writer of the DW episode 4 The Doctor’s Wife – better known as 45 minutes of TV perfection – took part in a webchat on the Guardian. Good it was too.

More Sci-Fi Books and TV

Wired previewed the shows that would have Geeks in raptures (no, not that one). Meanwhile the Guardian carried a fantastic feature on China Mieville

Meet the real six million dollar man

The BBC covered the story of a man who chose to go bionic – by having his damaged hand amputated and replaced with a robotic hand.

And in Other science-related news

NY Times is still keen on 3D printing, the Guardian had a profile of 150 years of MIT’s  maverick genius and also took a look at how YouTube is popularising science

Quote of the week

Steroids are wrong but how about LSD for pitchers? – Sarah Silverman – guest pundit on Fox Sports for Red Sox v Yankees.  Cue mild panic from the Fox sports team


Behind the scenes as cycle designers set about prototyping and building a bike less functional was this Lego bike

Meeja News

Adam Westbrook asked the question Can we teach journalists entrepreneurship?

Blip.TV had a redesign and relaunched itself as a fully fledged web tv network

Go the F**k to Sleep bedtime book is hit with parents



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