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TWTWTW: Ultimate movie mash-up, bamboo bikes and space

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

A bit later than usual, but here’s my pick of the week in web. Unusually, i’ve blogged about two  of my favourite discoveries this week – the pedal powered machinery and Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No – but they are so good, I thought I would point you in their direction again.

So this week’s round-up includes a bamboo bike Q& A, Lego moonboots, spaceplanes and a movie mash-up that might just be a work of genius in itself!

Planes in Spaaaaace

With the imminent end of NASA’s inspirational shuttle programme, what next for manned flights to space. The BBC carried this report on a revolutionary UK spaceplane concept which has a realistic chance of actually being made.

Don’t have to go to Specsavers

Brilliantly simple idea (aren’t they always) as a UK inventor designs self-tuning glasses

Forget carbon fibre

Carbon fibre or titanium might be the choice of the competitive cyclirati but the sustainable bamboo might be the bike frame of the future – as this Q & A with the Bamboo Bike Studio – explains. And sticking with bikes – learn how to understanding cities by riding bikes

Designs on packaging

A whacky run through the 30 most bizarre and examples of Packaging – at last you’ll never forget where you put the milk

Make a museum

Simply a great idea: Computer museum needs exhibits, no money to pay for – so call up the geek squad to make a dozen new things in the  space of 48 hours at the Computer Museum hackathon

Real life Lego spacecraft

We’ve all made rockets and spacecraft out of LEGO , now the X Prize Foundation and LEGO group have launched the MoonBots Challenge

We’ve gone on an intergalactic rebellion by mistake

Like  Star Wars? Like Withnail And I, then you’ll almost definitely love this:

Odd trivia of the week

Ray Davies of The Kinks & Bobcat Goldthwait are writing a musical together.

Questions, questions:

Wired answered the question “How far does your cat roam when it’s free outside?”  while a Cambridge academic asked Is football missing from history and Shane Richmond of the Telegraph helped answer one: Why You Hate Comic Sans

007 in the style of

Guardian Books carried an enjoyable thread on James Bond novels in the style of… love the suggestion of Ellroy.

Quote of the week

President Obama in speech to Parliament: “From Newton & Darwin to Edison & Einstein; from Alan Turing to Steve Jobs, we’ve led the world”

LEGO munitions

Someone decided it would be a good idea to build a working Lego machine gun which shoots Legos

At last I’m going to be on Desert Island Discs – sort of

Meeja news

BBC’s fantastic TV revamp of Sherlock Holmes scoops best drama award at Baftas

Shocklee reported on Funding Creative Projects With Kickstarter

Silicon Alley Insider report says Netflix more subscribers than any other US cable company.

Great link to the first ever Music on demand service – in 1892



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