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Robotics: TEDx The Future We Make

As I’ve mentioned before I’m in the middle of studying for an OU Technology degree and so have been deeply immersed in the world’s of AI and robotics (among others). So it was great to come across this TEDx Baltimore talk by Carol Reiley on the future of robotics. She covers everything from future trends … Continue reading

Steampunk robot

As a regular viewer of the Latest in Hobby Robotics podcast – part of the Make Magazine web TV programmes – you often come across some wonderfully eccentric robot designs. The most recent episode features a fantastic steampunk robot, all brass fittings and carved wood. It even plays a little video reel of post-apocalyptic images. You … Continue reading

O’Reilly’s fun theory on innovation

It’s always interesting to hear a first hand perspective of what it means to be innovative, what you need to take an idea and create a viable business. So it was fascinating to watch Tim O’Reilly, founder of the O’Reilly publishing empire and leading light of the maker movement talk about his view of innovation. … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Seldom-seen sitcoms, robots and Bond says no

Illness has curtailed my web surfing this week, do a rather truncated That Was this week. Normal service should be resumed next week. So apologies/explanations over – on with my pick of the web pops. Cult comedy   Sharon Horgan’s Paean to the seldom-seen sitcom, the thirty minutes of comedy gold that was watched by … Continue reading

Turtlebot goes open source

US-based robotics firm Willow Garage has just announced the launch of a new web community to support its Turtlebot platform. The site will allow developers to share ideas for the robot, new hardware designs and code based on the open source Robot Operating System. The robot has been designed for the education and hobbyist market … Continue reading

The Shadow Line review

The Shadow Line, BBC2’s latest contribution to the conspiracy thriller genre, ended last week. In my view it was a triumph. Yes it had flaws, it was over stylised, some of the dialogue was a little patchy but overall it worked. It had a cast you could only dream of. Stephen Rea, Christopher Ecclestone, Chiwetel … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Google, robots and ridiculous science

Another round up of what caught by eye on the web. This week’s snippets include the new trailer for Moneyball, some thoughts on the future of news and how mainstream TV bosses are starting to fret about the whole web thing. But going to start with the Google Doodle… Plucking hell, what a stat… Last … Continue reading

Making a MakerBot

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to put together a MakerBot 3D printer – wonder no more. This time-lapse video demonstrates exactly what’s involved.

Darth Vader: Sports Administrator

Watching yet another howler made by a sports official I was struck by a strange thought. Wouldn’t Darth Vader have made a great sports administrator? No really. Let’s look at the skill set. Ability to get things done? Check.  The Dark Lord of the Sith possesses an undoubted ruthless efficiency (just ask Captain Needa and … Continue reading

Moby Dick Project – a whale of a tale

One of the reason’s I love listening to podcasts is the fact you often learn something new. In this case listening to TWiT on my iPod I heard mention of a new project, designed to re-think how we consume news. Panelist Ben Huh asked a simple question – why do we still consume news in the same … Continue reading