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Radiolab – a sound experiment


Terrible admission. I’ve only just discovered Radiolab.

Radiolab is a programme from WYNC – a public radio station in New York– and it’s just brilliant. It’s one of the best forms of radio, podcast or any other form of audio I’ve heard in a very long time.

It’s a programme which talks about science and technology.  It mixes interview with soundscapes, stories with effects. The result is tremendous.

I’d heard of this American Life and NPR but for some reason I missed out on Radiolab. An article in the Guardian – detailing how the podcast started, the dynamic duo behind the programme and its content – made me want to give it a try.

I’m glad I did.

I’m currently studying with the Open University – Having just completed a module on Artificial Intelligence and working on a robotics course, I was delighted at the subject of the last recent hour long documentary.

Called Talking To Machines, it’s an examination of our relationship with machines, our expectations of the future of robotics, the power and difficulties of communication.

The stories were fantastic.

The AI expert who fell in love with a chatbot. He thought she was a Russian girl with poor English.

Our relationship with machines as defined by the former kids favourite the Furby.

And it features Jon Ronson interviewing an intelligent robot in the middle of California.

Instant favourite.

The Guardian piece says the programme has around 3 million regular listeners. Make that 3,000,001.



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