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TWTWTW: Cupcakes, cycling and the future of TV

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Time for another week in web and it’s been one which featured a brilliant motivational speech, seen the power of social media to defeat racism and an anti-terror hack which could have been straight out of Monty Python.

As a certain time traveller might say Geronimo…

The best motivational speech you’ll hear this year

And it’s not delivered by someone with a ten point plan to happiness – it’s made by an ecstatic five-year-old. It’s joyful beyond words.  Just press play.

The power of the web

Last week – I choose my words carefully – a thoroughly unpleasant individual decided that Twitter was an appropriate platform to launch into a verbal racist attack on Norwich City’s newest signing. What was rather more uplifting was the fact that the entire #ncfc twitter community rounded as one on this idiot. The results of their actions resulted in a ban – a victory for social media. Worth reading James Bigg’s blog too

Also doing their bit for wider society were the San Francisco Giants which became the first Professional Sports Team to create an  ItGetsBetter.org Video

Asimov’s Why Library

From BoingBoing – this is Isaac Asimov’s letter to the future patrons of a library. We should seriously get this printed on plaques

…Don’t panic – this is very Meta.

Ever wondered what the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy might look like?

Anti-terror recipe

Forget the 007 gadgets, the Aston Martin, laser-firing watch and jet pack. What Bond really needed was a recipe for cupcakes.  No seriously…

Paranoid Much?

I came across this on Stumbleupon Sesame Streets pinko puppets brainwash our kids – The Independent

Quote of the week

Just got goosebumps. Dressed up as a goose and said it was my birthday – Milton Jones

We’re all publishers, broadcasters and engineers now…

Shapeways on the Rise of the Citizen Engineer I

The future of TV

There was some interesting items around the future of TV.  In no particular order Sci-Fiction network SyFy unveiled plans for a new TV show-cum-computer game or should that be computer game-cum-TV show. You decide

News leaked of YouTube’s apparent plans to start paying content creators for making exclusive shows

Also talking about the Future of TV According was Netflix’s Reed Hastings

And in Britain Jeremy Hunt confirms major shift in local TV policy. A case of better late than never?

British baseball news

For fans of British Baseball: Great Britain will play in the World Baseball Classic Qualifier next year. This is a major step to spreading the popularity of the game.

Cycling  round-up

There was a lovely story on Bicycle Design about guy who built custom tandem trike to help his injured son learn to walk again



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