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TWTWTW: Balls, Bikes and Bots

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

In this week’s round-up there’s some lovely wooden bikes, an innovative new form of transport and some recommended listening.

If you haven’t read The Best Protest Ever and Spot the Bot, might I suggest that you also take a squizz at those too.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll Begin.

A Kit launch like no other

It’s another Norwich City story (sorry*). This fabulous video marking the launch of the Canaries new kit. Who says football can’t have a sense of humour?

*I’m not really that sorry

Those bikes look Oak-k

Yes, Bicycle Design blog had another nice post – these Sanomagic Wooden Bicycles

Not so sure about the sperm bike though…

 I Love the Gowalla bike in this Mashable story. I am less convinced by the headline act.

 Wheely good

Down Under these engineering students have reinvented the wheel – bringing out the Electric wheel. Yes, I do want one.

Virtually unheard of

Great story on Gizmag about a young guy who went from driving cars in video games to racing-for-real. I bet this makes every parent or teacher who has ever said ‘playing games gets you nowhere’ die a little.

Micro manuafcturing 

Unveiling the World’s Smallest 3D Printer


Great interview with James Gleick  on information theory & communication and Shane Richmond reviewed the book here

I take it Sherlock wasn’t on the case

 Lost Doyle novel was rediscovered

Diplomat Metal

Entertaining Wired story on a new skill set needed for diplomats – a working knowledge of Black Metal

Meeja news

The New York Times took an interesting look at Online TV with a piece about the online video businesses trying to compete with/alongside YouTube

Television is about to change – Execs reckon that TV will be available everywhere, say TV executives

New Scientist ran with this headline: Dude, where’s my Holodeck? The latest interactive movie news

And finally

A Geography lesson I was interested in. If only my teacher had come from NASA…


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