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TWTWTW: Google, robots and ridiculous science

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Another round up of what caught by eye on the web.

This week’s snippets include the new trailer for Moneyball, some thoughts on the future of news and how mainstream TV bosses are starting to fret about the whole web thing. But going to start with the Google Doodle…

Plucking hell, what a stat…

Last week to mark the birthday of Les Paul, Google released a fantastic musical doodle. This week they revealed that in the space of 48 hrs, US googlers recorded 5.1 yrs worth of music (more than 40m tunes). Get playing

Moneyball the movie

I recently read Moneyball, an amazing sports book. My view on the book is here. Now they’ve made a movie and released a trailer. Go see.

Quote of the week:

When a footballer uses the words “are a big club.” try the phrase “will pay me a lot of money.” Thus: “Chelsea will pay me a lot of money”. Danny Baker on Luka Modric proposed move across London.


Ridiculous science story of the week

Researchers identify 700 types of brain injury by analysing Asterix books. No they don’t appear to be attempting irony.

Father’s Day Gift – or the unsubtle hint

Stuck for father’s day gifts? How about Molecubes open source, modular robots. Or this Lego factory.

Mega Meeja News

This week, the Guardian – my paper of choice but hemorrhaging cash – announced that it was going Digital First.

A rather excellent blog post cut through some of the corporate speak and gave an indider’s view if what the move means

Meanwhile Shane Richmond wrote an interesting piece about Twitter and why some media folk aren’t too keen on the upstart

Meanwhile the web is starting to take great big bites out of the TV cable company bottom line – to no-one’s real surprise. Netflix Users Are Slashing Their Cable Bills. Rival Hulu has also made news signing Deals for British TV Hits. Adam Westbrook weighed in with his view of the future of TV

Some interesting summaries from last week’s International Newsroom Summit


Good read in the excellent new sports and pop culture site Grantland: Chuck Klosterman looks at how spoiler culture is changing screenwriting


More Robots news

New Scientist featured a unicycle robot able to balance on one wheel. In the States a U.S. Senator has caused consternation calling Robot projects wasteful. The robotics community reaction

Just promise you’ll kill Jar Jar Binks

Good news as the much-anticipated Star Wars TV project nets Life On Mars and Doctor Who Writer

Sci-Fi radio

There was a fantastic blog post about the making of a lost series of Ray Bradbury adaptations on the Radio 4 Extra blog

Keith Law sums up Twitter Sex scandal

So it appears that Weiners waffle, but they don’t step down

Frickin cycle laser

One for cyclists: Laser projected cycle lane in Gizmag not sure it’ll help with vans ,taxis and bendy buses though!

More on Failure

NESTA  interview with Undercover Economist Tim Harford. He shares his ideas on failure, risk aversion & innovation




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