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TWTWTW: Seldom-seen sitcoms, robots and Bond says no

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Illness has curtailed my web surfing this week, do a rather truncated That Was this week. Normal service should be resumed next week.

So apologies/explanations over – on with my pick of the web pops.

Cult comedy  

Sharon Horgan’s Paean to the seldom-seen sitcom, the thirty minutes of comedy gold that was watched by an audience you could fit in your lounge. For fans of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Nighty Night, Black Books, Psychoville – this one’s for you

Robots Futurama style

Not strictly this week, but finally got round to listening to it. Futurama’s David X Cohen on robots.

Feminist graffiti of the week

Some one took their time and really thought of a way to respond to those horrendous Special-K adverts.

Muppet movie news

It’s thanks to Dave Gorman on twitter that I discovered that the new muppet movie is directed by James Bobin of Flight of the Conchords fame and has music by Paul Williams (Bugsy Malone) & Flight of the Conchords‘ Brett Mackenzie

Lego prank

This is a great way to spend work time…

File under “Things you wish were true…”

Yes, it’s a fake, but pretend it’s not and enjoy it anyway. Sean Connery’s response to Steve Jobs  ad request

Move over Grand Designs

Oddee: 10 Weirdest “houses”

Meeja news

Cambridge startups scoop $500k in media innovation competition

This week the Guardian announced it was going Digital First. Here are a couple of fantastic  posts  about its post-print  future from Jeff Jarvis and Kevin Anderson.


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