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O’Reilly’s fun theory on innovation

It’s always interesting to hear a first hand perspective of what it means to be innovative, what you need to take an idea and create a viable business.

So it was fascinating to watch Tim O’Reilly, founder of the O’Reilly publishing empire and leading light of the maker movement talk about his view of innovation.

O’Reilly says innovation is not necessarily dependent on entrepreneurs or the ability to see an idea from which you can make pots of cash – it’s about having fun.

For O’Reilly looking for the next big thing is not about people producing duplicates of existing services, but looking for the people who are building things which are different, people who are “innovating from the edges”

In the talk – available in full on the embedded video below – he outlined the four cylinders of innovation
1. Have fun
2. Try and change the world
3. Build products, business models, companies and industries
4. Maintain ecosystem – create more value than capture
And as to what the future trends of innovation are? It’s all open…
He suggests that the next ‘big things’ are the likes of Arduino, and Kinect, the likes of Marcin Jacubowski’s Open Ecology movement, autonomous cars and of course 3D printing.

O’Reilly quotes Alan Kay during the talk: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Well the Open Source Hardware and hackers are doing their best to do just that. Worth a watch.



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