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TWTWTW: Brando, flying cars and robot footy

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

For those interested in the business of media, there was probably only one story in town this week – the News of the World. From the emergence of increasingly disturbing and heinous phone hacking allegations to its eventual closure, it was quite a week.

Well this week’s internet roundup also includes Britain’s best-selling red-top, but as The Guardian led the story, I suggest you head there if you want to read more about the saga.

Instead you can rely on me for a mix of science, roboty trivia.


Read all about it

Let’s get it out-of-the-way: The News of the World. Steve Coogan v tabloid hack (no pun intended) Paul McMullan on the rights of wrongs of the popular press. It has to be said McMullan does the profession absolutely no favours. Especially when he crow bars Hitler (no, really) into the debate.

Making life

First synthetic windpipe, but careful of the hype for manufactured organs reports the New Scientist:
A World Cup it’s safe to build your hopes over

If you’ve been brought up to believe that a Football World Cup inevitably leads to quarter final heartache, then the BBC offers some hope. A World Cup we can all get behind, namely because it involves robots and each game is a step forward in our understanding of robotics.

Licence to print money?
Interesting discussion on TechCrunch TV on the launch of hardware startups with Makerbot founder Bre Pettis

Still no jet pack
There may not be jet packs, but we are a step forward to living the life of the Jetsons as Flying Car Maker Gets Regulatory Clearance

I’ve written before on the need to inspire the next generation so reading this letter from a Pixar animator on Letters of Note was wonderful.

Marlon snared patent

This is great Marlon Brando: Godfather of invention. If you liked this – look out for a book by Mark Champkins later this year all about celebs and their inventive streak.

Bunch of prankers
Nice photo slide show of some hack pranks carried out by students at MIT

Unforeseen Circumstances
The Guardian carried a great story on the LA Dodgers bankruptcy hearing – among the expenses was paying a  psychic to watch them on TV & send out good vibes.

Guardian Books carried an excellent piece on Mervyn Peake & Gormenghast. Definitely worth a read. It’s the subject of radio 4’s Classic Serial too…

How many stars in Hollywood?

This Grantland article attempts to answer that particular question.


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