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TWTWTW: Build a better robot and DARPA will beat a pathway to your door…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Again this week the news has been dominated by the continued revelations at News International, so being a good former journalist – I’m leaving that to the Guardian. Instead here’s my run down of the non-telephone hacking related stories that caught my eye this week.

Robot round-up

There’s a great story in the New York Times about the drive to build a better robot and the DARPA initiative helping fund it

On a related theme, Boing Boing covered the story of the 16th Century Monkbot,an automaton ordered by the King of Spain. Seek out the Radiolab short documentary on this too – it’s excellent.

Sagan and some nuclear lunacy

Carl Sagan (yes that one) was involved (albeit on the fringe) of a plan to fire a nuclear missile at the moon

3-in-1 e-bike
Nice three-in-one electric bike on Gizmag – really don’t want the chain(s) coming off though…

Meeja news

Trailer for Sherlock Holmes 2:

While the BBC is about to offer Doctor Who episodes on Facebook
And finally
Like Studio Ghibli? Like Lego? This is probably for you then (via @twitchfilm)



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