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TWTWTW: Er, did I hear that right…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

A bit late, but another round-up of the web miscellany that tickled my fancy this week. And absolutely no mention of Hack Gate, apart from that one. Dammit…

Let’s start with the Quote of the week

Channel 4’s The Space Shuttle’s Last Flight: “”For the first time in its history, America can no longer put a man in space.”

Meeja news

Hyperlocal could work from the bottom up – no mention of the Guardian’s little local experiment (or ITV’s either)

File under “Who’d a thought it” Charles Moore, CHARLES MOORE,, in the Telegraph – THE TELEGRAPHsays the Left might have it right…

TED-dy’s boy

Interesting piece in the Observer on Chris Anderson, founder of TED & accelerated learning

More Tilt shift loveliness

Lovely tilt shift video by Pedro Sousa 

Opinion  of the week

Why Barack Obama is not the most powerful man on earth

I’m just waiting for the printer

If you’ve ver wondered what kind of stuff a 3D printer can knock out – Wired have put together a rather lovely slide show.

What mechanical engineers do when they retire

Zepp’s back

No, not them, the big floaty Fringe onesZeppelins are coming back, this time because they’re green.

About time

Premier League hopeful of goalline technology for 2012-13 season

And finally

Cycling the Dunwich Dynamo on a Boris bike – I’d still love to do it on my Brompton (maybe next year).



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