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TWTWTW: One Goes Squeee or the return of the Comic Strip

So as time’s winged chariot drags another August week into the history books, it’s time to find another fresh way of introducing this feature. Hopefully that’s job done. So a week of Libyan’s playing a more serious version of Where’s Wally, more general economic doom and gloom was generally drowned out by an uber-geek stepping … Continue reading

Sports coverage that steps up to the plate

Occasional readers of this blog may have noticed that I am a fan of baseball. I’ve been meaning to write about baseball for a while, but not from a sporting perspective, but from a technological one. For all the sport’s resistance about using technology to help make on field decisions, off-field it’s a different story. … Continue reading

Brando’s Bongos, inventions and more

A few months ago I interviewed Mark Champkins for a podcast interview for the Institute for Manufacturing,Cambridge. The podcast has only just gone live on the University website. A former Dragons’ Den alum, Mark has created a range of products to help children at school. His company is called Concentrate. Mark has just been named … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Have you got two Ewoks for a Wookie?

Another seven days have raced by, so time for another interweb round-up. So this week, rather than worry about the instability in the markets or the political situations in Libya and Syria, or even the four jail term for Facebook riot organisers, I have instead been concerned with Norwich City, Blade Runner and Local TV. … Continue reading

Replicating a cult classic

Blade Runner is back. Probably. Reports are that Ridley Scott is going to direct a follow-up to one of the best sci-fi films of all time. Mention a follow-up to a much-loved classic and it sends a lot of people running for the green ink and poison pens. This, I think will be different. Ridley’s … Continue reading

Fortune and Glory, Kid – fortune and glory

If Indiana Jones did video blogs, explaining what Open Hardware was – it might look like this. Only with more whips, hats, running and quips and less of an Australian accent. The conversation in the comments section on the YouTube channel is worth a read too.

Clone bores: Why Local TV should be web based

Last week, Jeremy Hunt, the Minister of Culture, Media and Sport, revealed his latest vision for local TV provision in the UK. The plan includes 65 possible locations for an initial 20 pioneer local stations, covering urban areas across the UK. The plan supposes that the winning stations will primarily provide a Digital Terrestrial Television … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Twitter strikes back at rioters

It’s that time of the week again, yes  what web wonders burrowed into my brain and left a lasting impression. Well undoubtedly the news of the week was the senseless violence and criminality when some Britain’s youth went doolally-tapp and decided that best things in life are free – even if you have to smash … Continue reading

Educational experiments 101

About four or five years ago I got very excited when Stanford University started to put teaching materials from its robotics courses online, for anyone, anywhere in the world to access for free. I excitedly downloaded the lot. Then due to a combination of rapidly diminishing spare time, and some staggeringly hard-looking mathematics, they sat … Continue reading

TWTWTW: The magnificent number 7

So a week in which the financial markets decided to ape a short-lived British summer and go into extreme meltdown, and Tottenham decided to stage an impromptu version of BBC time-travel thriller Ashes to Ashes and return to the 80s, my mind was mostly on the following. First up. Football baby! The magnificent number 7 … Continue reading