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TWTWTW: Meet the real life ink Jet

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

So another seven days have whizzed by and its time for another round-up of my week on the web.This week baseball Pi, printed planes and another farewell to the shuttle.

Real-life ink-Jet

Southampton University boffins have created the first ever printed plane, some way to go before Boeing head down that route though…

Rt Hon. Santa Claus
UK Voters expect MPS to be “empty of mind with the powers of Santa”, so says this article by Finbarr Livesey on HuffPo.

Work of Genius
I’m pretty sure this idea  for a 1 roomed house you rotated to change layout also featured on Genius with Dave Gorman. Not sure their model would have been quite so elegant

Baseball wins fans: One mathematician at a time

Picture taken of the  Yankee Stadium scoreboard.

Tweet of the week

Kyle Anderson: When is Hollywood going to realize that only the third film in a franchise has the right to be in 3D? That’s how it was for our forefathers.

Mapping makers
A map of digital making services in London

Stadium built in Olympic record time

3D printer knocks out a replica of the Olympic 2012 Stadium in 6 hours

Minitel bids adieu
One for the ex-Teletexters among us: Another sad farewell. France Will Switch Off Pioneering Minitel After 30 Years

Quote of the week
Kevin Fong sums up the importance of NASA’s Space Shuttle wonderfully well: ”

it taught a generation to dream


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