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Google + – my first impressions

First Impressions, as they say, count.

Well my first impressions of Google + have been pretty positive. The new social network on the block, looks fun engaging, relatively intuitive and fun to use.

I finally secured my invite thanks to comedy writer, early adopter and all round good egg Graham Linehan. I would like to pretend that he and I move in the same circles, in reality he tweeted out a link and I must have been one of the first 150 to snaffle it.

Anyway having played around with it for a few hours. I like the way you can compartmentalise certain aspects of your life, enabling you to keep the professional part of your life away from the private.

I like the Sparks feature and the way it allows you to share content and connect with friends. I think the length of posts, the ability to share and access content are all strongly in its favour.

It has huge potential, and I can’t wait to see how people use it to promote their other content, from blog posts to video. One would think with Google behind it, it has real potential. However they also created buzz so lets not get too carried away.

Google now has the ability to combine social, content, search and video, that’s a pretty compelling and powerful combination. Business (at least if the reports in Silicon Valley are anything to go by) is already smitten by the video conferencing functionality.  It’ll also be interesting to see what additional apps grow out of Plus.

Obviously its too early to say whether it’s the new big thing. I think another great new tool has been created but it depends on the users to share great content  as to whether its early promise will be fulfilled. At least the +1 button makes sense now…



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