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TWTWTW: The magnificent number 7

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

So a week in which the financial markets decided to ape a short-lived British summer and go into extreme meltdown, and Tottenham decided to stage an impromptu version of BBC time-travel thriller Ashes to Ashes and return to the 80s, my mind was mostly on the following.

First up. Football baby!

The magnificent number 7

For those not in the know, Paul Lambert is the manager of newly promoted Norwich City and becomes the 7th Glaswegian manager to take the helm of an English Premier League club. Instead of the usual ‘new boys sure to go down’ pieces which normally accompany a promoted side’s rise up the football ladder we got these two rather thoughtful profiles of the canary boss. First in the Guardian and then in the Scottish dailies too

Star Wars the photo evidence  

A theory as to why the Star Wars prequels didn’t quite meet expectations

An equation we can all get behind

LEGO + Futurama = Awesome! – mor on the  Flickr set here
Tech stuff

Wired features this CNC router which cuts photorealistic images – in plywood.

Driveable version of Sega Outrun. Do I need to go on? DRIVEABLE OUTRUN People!

Cambridge’s fifteen quid computer set for Q4 launch

Nice piece on BoingBoing – timelapse video showing the 3D printing of Stephen Colbert’s head

Advert of the week

Via Abbie Panks – this is brilliant

Meeja news

Some online video chart run-downs with 5 Memorable Interactive Videos and Six original ways to use online video
Jon Ronson describes his adventure with Phoenix Jones, real life superhero

Most wanted

Inventor Mark Champkins discovers the closest we’ll come to owning a Festo penguin with Airswimmers.  Probably best write to Santa now. For anyone unsure what a Festo penguin is – enjoy

Stat of the week

Instagram users upload 1.3 million photos every day. That’s 15 photos every second.

Cycling hero of the week

Mayor wants to get cars out of bike lanes – uses tank


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