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TWTWTW: Twitter strikes back at rioters

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

It’s that time of the week again, yes  what web wonders burrowed into my brain and left a lasting impression.

Well undoubtedly the news of the week was the senseless violence and criminality when some Britain’s youth went doolally-tapp and decided that best things in life are free – even if you have to smash your way through glass to get it.

I’ve foregone the grim glimpses of English humanity at its worse – those shots of the Malaysian student getting mugged by ‘Samaritans’ aren’t going to leave me in a hurry. Instead i’ve plumped for the gallows humour that sprung out of the horror.

A laugh riot

Horrific, scary scenes somehow seemed easier to cope with, thanks to the following.

Honest sign on the door of Subway Manchester

Quote (via @example) Waterstone’s employee just said on the news: “we’ll stay open, if they steal some books they might learn something”

London comes up with a truly brilliant response to the rioters – taking a Maple Leaf out of Canada’s book

From Karl Minns:  Tottenham Hale. Brixton. Walthamstow. Lewisham. These riots are just a very violent version of ‘Mornington Crescent’

And, of course: Photoshoplooter

The plot against veg growers

Risky business this veg growing as BoingBoing illustrated with this report on  Nanny of the Month: the veg garden forbidder

Just plain depressing

Depressing. Hard to describe a bookcase in a shop as ‘futuristic’


Fact of the week

Thanks to Qikipedia for this one:

At Old Trafford in 1863, team of one-armed cricketers played team of one-legged cricketers. The one-legged team won

Tech talk

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I sell stuff with them too? Welcome to Mashable’s Box Office of the Future

Creating a Collaborative Image of the City

How to choose your password

XKCD on passwords


Because we all need cheering up – Star Wars Cupcakes

Date for the diary

Open Science Summit 2011

And finally

Earworm and viral funny all in one…


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