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TWTWTW: Have you got two Ewoks for a Wookie?

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Another seven days have raced by, so time for another interweb round-up.

So this week, rather than worry about the instability in the markets or the political situations in Libya and Syria, or even the four jail term for Facebook riot organisers, I have instead been concerned with Norwich City, Blade Runner and Local TV.

However, i’ve blogged about most of that, so now for something relatively different (that might be a half decent catchphrase for someone you know…)

First up, the question much of the web was asking this week:

Where’s Wall-E?

Brilliant robot image, go see

Social animal

Behind the Social Marketing of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Partisan quote of the week

Ipswich fans doing the conga. Plenty of room in that terrace for such hilarity of course. To be fair, Peterborough is a long way to travel. – Rob Butler after Ipswich Town shipped 7 (seven) goals against Peterborough.

Replicating Paris

Yes, I know I’m over using the replicant-based pun, but in my defence it is meant to be duplicated. Blade Runner-style image of Paris. Neo-Paris 2084 Gallery here

Meeja News

Nice rundown of how the LA Times is fighting declining circulation with social media

If you like high quality science programming, then you might want to sign the following petition against cuts on BBC4. It worked for 6Music

As I mentioned Local TV was on my mind this week, and Jeremy’s already on the defensive and some more thoughts here

Challenge.gov launches in the USA – interesting crowd sourcing experiment

The Institute of Higher Awesome Studies gives $1k to awesome people & ideas.

interesting development from the  Radio Times as NMA reports  it eyes iTunes, MSN and broadcaster tie-ups as part of VOD integration strategy

Less stumbling more controlled sprawlage as StumbleUpon’s New Explore Feature launches

Funny cos it’s true – How Journalists See Each Other

No complaints about this class size

AI-Class now has 100,000 students and counting – Nice article in the New York Times – and here’s the blog post I wrote after signing up

LAPD – Aesthetic squad

News that police in California can now detain you if your photo has “no apparent aesthetic value

Have you got change for a Chewie?

Star War coins to be legal tender on the South Pacific island nation of Niue. Cue @these aren’t the coins you’re looking for” jokes

Trailer of the week

Trailer for The Woman in Black looks spookily good – our Daniel Radcliffe’s all growed up

At last a cure for Big Brother, the X-Factor et al

Nice video from the guys at Make – arduino board which mutes your TV when stuff you don’t like comes

The story behind the MGM Lion

And a whole lot of others – The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos

Dr Who countdown commences

Was sent this teaser preview of Doctor Who from the Guardian


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