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TWTWTW: One Goes Squeee or the return of the Comic Strip

So as time’s winged chariot drags another August week into the history books, it’s time to find another fresh way of introducing this feature.

Hopefully that’s job done.

So a week of Libyan’s playing a more serious version of Where’s Wally, more general economic doom and gloom was generally drowned out by an uber-geek stepping down from a technology company, it’s time for another web round-up.

First up:

Comic Strip Presents

The Comic Strip Presents…

To a whole generation of Brits, the 1980s were made a little easier to live though thanks to Alternative comedy. The Comic Strip, brought us Five Go Mad, Strike, The Professionals and helped us forget all about how bleak it all was. And now they’re back I am literally jumping up and down at the news of this.

Hoping the bring out the Brompton version very soon

I read today of an invention that I would happily stump up real hard cash for – a self inflating bicycle tyre called PumpTire

Cycling economics

The London School of Economics has put it’s twopenneth in on the economics of cycling

Jobs opening at Apple

The Twitterverse went crazy when news of Apple’s Steve Jobs decision to stand down. Amid all the “what this means for…” articles, this one stood out for me.

Meeja news

Eric Schmidt talks at the Edinburgh TV festival

Some more staggering stats about the popularity of YouTube

Interesting story on New Media Age about the new series from Jon Ronson

Bunny Hop

A candidate for picture of the week.

Most Wanted

Exhibit A) Stuffed cats

Exhibit B) Cthulhu bento box

Torchwood confidential-ish

On the BBC TV Blog writer Jane Espenson discusses working on Torchwood Miracle Day

Who are ya?

Yes, if Doctor Who was faced with the terrace chant beloved of thousands, there’s quite a few responses it could choose from

Sticking with Who – nice Tumblr gif

Conan the Dignitarian

Amazing answer from Conan the Barbarian scribe on Quora: What’s it like to have your film flop?

License to print money

MakerBot gets $10 million investment round

Gag of the week

Higgs Boson walks into a church.The Priest asks: “What are you doing here?” The Higgs Boson replies: You can’t have mass without me”

If schoolkids were in charge of FIFA

This is Brilliant, schoolboy logic at its best the unofficial World Cup


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