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Something clicks, open hardware, Shanzhai and the Beeb

A week or so ago I wrote about the Open Hardware Summit in New York, one of the talks I wrote about (albeit briefly) was Bunnie Huang’s. The talk was great and he’s followed it up with an equally good blog post which I suggest you read.Huang was talking about the future of the open … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Lycan this Werewolf poster a lot…

Julie Andrews may have sung about whiskers on kittens and something to with fingerless knitwear, well my version of A Few of my Favourite things would include werewolves, the thing, AT-AT pancakes and – well just read on, it’ll take your mind off the horrifying Troy Davis story and continuing financial meltdown. Lycan this a … Continue reading

The Information: a History, a Theory, a Flood

I’ve just finished reading James Gleick’s latest book, The Information. The blurb inside the cover describes it as: a fascinating history of information from its earliest forms and uses to the emergence of a theory of information But it’s a lot more than a dry, historical record of how we moved from no-verbal communication method, … Continue reading

Open Hardware: community-focused commerce

I finally got round to watching some of the sessions from the Open Hardware Summit thanks to UStream. There were some fantastic presentations, and it was nice to put a voice (if not a face) to some of the companies and people I’ve been reading about for the last few years (and latterly writing about … Continue reading

Anil Dash on the Maker Movement

This is a great video from Make. Dale Dougherty, founding editor of Make Magazine interviews technology writer Anil Dash on the Maker Movement. There are some great points about the inclusiveness of the movement and how it has the power to be transformative. A really interesting conversation and well worth a watch.

TWTWTW: NASA drops a clanger

Well, it’s that time of the week again.OK The exciting highlight of the week for me was the Open Hardware Summit, but i’m still wading through the presentations. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the event of the next few weeks (yes, I know it’s not exactly timely, but I won’t bore you with my … Continue reading

Make it Open

Most of you on Twitter will have come across the daily ‘newspaper-style’ aggregator paper.li. Paper.li allows you to turn all the links from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds into daily papers. It’s a fantastic resource and one which I’ve been using for about a year to collate all the links from the people I follow … Continue reading

TWTWTW: I never had the codin’ for the gamin’…

It’s a late one this week. In my defence I was on holiday in Cornwall and internet access wasn’t great. But I still came across a few interesting web snippets. So without further ado – here’s this week’s Cornish Cream of the interweb. Mario Bros maker style To paraphrase Pete and Dud’s very famous Latin … Continue reading

FTD: The Brompt-One and Only

Continuing my top five gadgets – inspired by  Stephen Fry’s list of his personal 100 Greatest  Gadgets. My number one is number 21 for the QI host and is just the folding bike, to me it is the Brompton. More specifically it is my Brompton. If it is possible to have an emotional attachment to … Continue reading

FTD: Radio ga-ga

Continuing my top five gadgets – inspired by the work Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest gadget list. My number two is the Radio. Mr Fry is a self-confessed radioholic.  He has the radio placed at number 12, I have it at number 2. The radio is for me the ultimate entertainment device. I can listen to … Continue reading