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FTD: Pod people

Without the iPod no Answer Me This...Continuing my top five gadgets – inspired by the work of Mr Fry.

My number four is the iPod. It was one spot higher for the man  behind Melchett. It wasn’t something I was all that keen on initially, that is until I discovered podcasts. I’ve written about podcasts a little before

It was like the scene in one of those cheesy 1950 movies where the plain-looking secretary removes her glasses prompting the response “why Miss Jones, you’re beautiful.”

Podcasts have been my great delight of the last few years. Without the iPod I never would have found a new world of comedy. the likes of Answer Me This, The Bugle, WTF, AIOTM, Perfect Ten. I would never have discovered football punditry that makes me actually agree with Ian Wright that Match of the Day is still effectively operating in the 1970s.

It has allowed me to indulge my passion for technology with the likes of TWiT, Tech Weekly, Robots, Wired and Make.

I’ve also been able to gorge on fantastic story-telling from the likes of Radiolab, and finally found a channel which feeds my love of US sport. Thanks ESPN Baseball and Football Today.

The iPod for me is Radio 4 on steroids. I have access to a bank of – in the most part – brilliantly produced audio.  It’s also opened my eyes to the possibilities of innovative web TV. Carpool, Channel Flip, Make Live has made me a true devotee of the possibilities of internet broadcasting.

The iPod, or MP3 player, has enabled this. It has become the platform through which a million bedroom BBC’s have sprung up and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

I think I might actually start a regular review of my favourite podcasts, but that’s for another time.

Coming next: the Walkman.


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