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FTD: Radio ga-ga

Continuing my top five gadgets – inspired by the work Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest gadget list.

My number two is the Radio. Mr Fry is a self-confessed radioholic.  He has the radio placed at number 12, I have it at number 2.

The radio is for me the ultimate entertainment device. I can listen to documentaries, science programming, music, sport even the odd (and they mostly are) phone-in.

I have a radio in every room of the house.  Without the radio I cannot wake up in the morning. My radio alarm goes off and John Humphries comes on. Mr Prufrock may have measure his life in coffee spoons, I measure mine in episodes of I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue, or Material World. I love the way that no matter what you r emotional state the radio can match it, sooth it even offer therapy to get you out of it.

The Tall Guy

Tall Guy: radio scene

The oft-repeated comedy radio scene – brilliantly evinced by Jeff Goldblum in the Tall Guy – where a romantic mishap is played out in the form of love songs illustrates this perfectly.

There are broadcasters on the radio who are more liberated than any of their TV counterparts – I point you in the direction of Danny Baker or Adam Buxton.

The radio is marvellous, and it could have easily been my #1. But it  didn’t quite make it.

Coming next: My Number one



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