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TWTWTW: I never had the codin’ for the gamin’…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

It’s a late one this week. In my defence I was on holiday in Cornwall and internet access wasn’t great. But I still came across a few interesting web snippets.

So without further ado – here’s this week’s Cornish Cream of the interweb.

Mario Bros maker style

To paraphrase Pete and Dud’s very famous Latin Judge sketch: “I never had the codin’ for the gamin”, however, if this video is anything to go by – I don’t need to. Mario Bros in a box. Cool.

Stat of the week

The NFL is back – so with that in mind a Football-related stat of the week, thanks to the number crunchers at ESPN America: Cam Newton may have passed for 422 yards and two TDs but incredibly the 28-21 reverse to the Arizona Cardinals was his first loss since junior  college.

Meeja news

Mashable reports on the Kickstarter Project which is aiming to raise millions of dollars to finance a Super Bowl Ad and on a similar theme The underground venture capital economy

A New Breed Of Online Video Viewer – How audiences are becoming more engaged

Not just hot air

Good news for the Hybrid Air Vehicle – state-of-the-art airship on gizmag. Some earlier thoughts on the airship here

Tumblr’s focus

Nice piece in Fastcodesign on the design focus of Tumblr

Welcome to MakerBot TV

The 3D printing machine maker goes all showbiz

I’ve seen things…

Blade Runner Convention Reel (1982) via AdaFruit

Baseball meets Star Wars

Nice Wired piece on the overlap of Star Wars geeks and baseball fans. Go Giants (pre-emptive 2012 shout out)

Picture of the week

The photobombing duck



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