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Most of you on Twitter will have come across the daily ‘newspaper-style’ aggregator paper.li. Paper.li allows you to turn all the links from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds into daily papers.

It’s a fantastic resource and one which I’ve been using for about a year to collate all the links from the people I follow on Twitter. You can select content based on everything from a hashtag to keywords on Facebook.

When I first started using them it was a Twitter only product, using hashtags, lists and followers, but over recent months they’ve added functionality and a new improved mobile version. You can also set the update frequency to daily, morning and evening and weekly editions.

The point of this post though is not only to write a little bit about the tool, but to let people know that I have created one for Open Hardware. It’s called the Make it Open Daily.

It will hopefully provide  information and links on everything from Maker Faires and 3D printing, through to electronics and design.

Paper.li also allows you to subscribe to ‘papers’ which interest you. You also might like to check out the following ‘papers’ which I subscribe to. They all follow a similar Open Hardware theme.

The Arduino Daily and #arduino Daily both cover Makers talking about the Arduino scene. Similar content, but probably worth getting both.

For fans of LEGO you should check out this one, some great video content is posted there. And finally the Museum of Robots and Robotics bulletin are also worth taking a look at.

Note: paper.li allows you to promote papers via an auto tweet – these have a tendency to annoy as they include the address of people posting links – so I don’t tend to promote them in that way.



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