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TWTWTW: NASA drops a clanger

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Well, it’s that time of the week again.OK The exciting highlight of the week for me was the Open Hardware Summit, but i’m still wading through the presentations. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the event of the next few weeks (yes, I know it’s not exactly timely, but I won’t bore you with my excuses.)

This week there’s some cycling design porn, a little social TV some more maker stuff and a generous dollop of meeja news.  Without more further ado, let me unveil my first story.

SQEUE (*this may only make sense after reading the story below **that’s not a guarantee)

Tempting as it would be to leave it at the that,you might want to know what Coty Doctorow thought of  Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE

Mario Ex-Box

Nice video of a Mario Bros. game in a box no literally in a box…

DIY we can get interested in

“Do It Yourself: Creating a Producer Society

ideasUploaded has a new podcast – Interview with Inventor and Product Developer Chris Hawker from Trident Design

On a similar theme the always excellent Ben Goldacre has an idea for a new curriculum


Not exactly the Dark Side

In a PR stunt that most of us probably wish we’d thought of, the BT Tower is transformed into a lightsaber to mark the launch of Star Wars on Blu-Ray

Triathlete bot

This cute robot is to take part in a triathlon – & video of it in action  – I would bet it might fetch up on a few toy store shelves just before Christmas

Meeja News

This was a week which involved an attempt to place  Norwich at the forefront of Local TV . My take on Local TV is here

And despite comments to the contrary, this type of innovation could make local TV pay its way

Oh, and Google have been busy too. Mashable report YouTube Introduces Video Editing Feature –  while the Big G is about to launch a new service targeting Flipboard

Cycle Pron

Some very cool bike bags from Krieg   while Vélo Graphique has some great bicycle design and photography.

MLB needs EU

Keith Law penned this column on scouting amateur players in Europe & how MLB is growing the sport here

NASA drops a clanger

And finally

Wonder if anyone has told DeathStarPR:  The three reasons why we can’t actually blow up a planet sci-fi style



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  1. Links now working – sorry about that

    Posted by Doobiewotsit | September 19, 2011, 11:24 am

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