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TWTWTW: Lycan this Werewolf poster a lot…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Julie Andrews may have sung about whiskers on kittens and something to with fingerless knitwear, well my version of A Few of my Favourite things would include werewolves, the thing, AT-AT pancakes and – well just read on, it’ll take your mind off the horrifying Troy Davis story and continuing financial meltdown.

Lycan this a lot…

A simply brilliant poster for the all-time great An American Werewolf In London – it’s stunning.

Fact of the week

QI revealed that Dirty Harry’s famous quip “Go ahead punk, make my day” was based on Latin meaning “Proceed varlet and render perfect the day”

The Internet of the Thing

If you love The Thing, the John Carpenter classic, you’ll love this mini-making of doc. If you follow @LASTEXITshirts on Twitter you’ve probably seen it already but watch it again anyway.

And the Internet of Things

A greatly entertaining radio Four Thought  short on the impact of Arduino and the IoT – go listen!

Quip of the week

Life is a Feed And all the men and women merely aggregators (thanks to Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Rogers for that)

Meeja news

It’s all a bit of a TV theme this week – GigaOm on the challenges faced by traditional broadcasters,   while there was some very well-considered suggestions for  TV recommendations from Metabroadcast’s very good blog post 

Then TV met real life in this nice piece in Fastcompany design on product placement-style storyline in hit US Show Weeds

Cycle rights

Enlightened San Franciscans are cutting bike theft through common sense legislation

Ultimate webcam

I love this – Teletext-style webcam using a Minitel by Tetalab

And finally

AT-AT Walker made of pancakes


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