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AI Class: Week three

Week three and the focus is firmly on machine learning, how we teach computers to think and distinguish between categories, messages, and obstacles. Essentially, its how Skynet works. At least when the robopocalypse comes, I’ll know how they reached the decision to classify me as ham… Joking aside, this has been the most interesting element … Continue reading

TWTWTW: All work and no play, makes for a short TW3

This week work and AI Class have formed a significant dent in my web surfing ways, so this week’s round-up of the interwebs is a little shorter than normal. So without further dithering, let’s get going. Lucky number seven Baseball served up an absolute belter of a World Series, seven games, six of which served … Continue reading

AI Class: Week 2

Well, there was a high probability that AI Class was going to get tougher. And it didn’t fail to disappoint in week two. The theme of this week’s class has been probability and probabilistic inference, it’s essentially the underlying mathematics of how computers go about understanding complex systems. Probabilities, it turns out are used by … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Movies, making and more

Another week has ticked by, the World Serie has just got underway, it’s been a terrible, tragic week for motorsport and an historic one for Libya. As usual I’m eschewing all that, for the stuff that has interested me on the interweb this week  The sequel’s afoot  The new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game … Continue reading

AI Class: Week One

Back in August I signed up to the free Introduction to Artificial Intelligence class being offered by Stanford University, it’s finally got underway and a week in, I thought I should jot down first impressions. The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course is taught via a series of video lectures. They can be viewed all at … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Calling occupants of interplanetary craft – but not from Blackberry

This week I was looking forward to two things. The start of AI-Class and a new Comic Strip Presents… One of these things was a crushing disappointment. The other is a brilliant experiment to teach 160,000 students the basics of artificial intelligence. Here’s what else caught my eye this week. Machine Learning This week saw … Continue reading

Personal factories, printing presses and pocket telecoms

Yesterday I wrote about video playing a role in building communities. It’s bad form to quote yourself, but I wrote that: [video] highlights enthusiasm and promotes passion. We all know that enthusiasm can be infectious, when it comes to community building it brings a whole new meaning to viral video. Today I came across a … Continue reading

Video’s starring role in community building

Today as part of the day job I was talking about the importance of manufacturers in listening and engaging with the communities who use their products. Not just for ways in which they can sell more products, but as a means of learning more about how people use and interact with their products, about how … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Join the mile high tub…

Another week, another gallop through the interweb. In a bid to do my bit for cutting waste, i’ve made efficiency savings to my usual intro, so straight on… Wired’s tribute to Jobs This week sadly saw the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s ubergeek – the staff at Mint Digital came up with a rather nice … Continue reading

Coat Hanger King-Kong and Hawking exoskeleton at V&A

I found myself with an hour to kill in London this week and so thought I’d head to the museum district in South Kensington. I’m glad I did. The museum is hosting an exhibition called the Power of Making. It aims to explore the impact that making and crafts has on our lives, from an … Continue reading