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TWTWTW: Join the mile high tub…

Another week, another gallop through the interweb. In a bid to do my bit for cutting waste, i’ve made efficiency savings to my usual intro, so straight on…

Wired’s tribute to Jobs

This week sadly saw the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s ubergeek – the staff at Mint Digital came up with a rather nice tribute

Recycled robot

A nice image of a junkbot on BoingBoing caught my eye

Own your own Hobbit home

Envious of Bilbo Baggins? Don’t be. All you need is $4,650

Neal Stephenson

My favourite writer is at it again – this time a great article on why science fiction has a role to play in innovation and on the subject of Stephenson a review of his new book

Forward thinking

Great post by Tim O’Reilly on why makers are at the forefront of technology trends 

One for all the 2000AD thrillseekers out there…

Brian Bolland, of Judge Dredd fame, has started a blog

Meeja news

GigaOM asks whether  more real-time information is a dream or a nightmare?

How the makers are using Google+ hangouts

YouTube Reportedly to spend $100M For TV-style programming

The Dutch don’t just make wooden clogs…

…Take this Dutch wooden bike for example

Mile high tub

Nice spot by Jack Schofield: EXTREME jacuzzi, 187m high

And finally

This is astounding, amazing, awesome etc – watch and find out why…



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