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TWTWTW: Calling occupants of interplanetary craft – but not from Blackberry

This week I was looking forward to two things. The start of AI-Class and a new Comic Strip Presents… One of these things was a crushing disappointment. The other is a brilliant experiment to teach 160,000 students the basics of artificial intelligence. Here’s what else caught my eye this week.

Machine Learning

This week saw the start of AI-Class from Stanford University. I wrote a post about it back in August when I signed up, I plan on doing a weekly post about the course as it progresses.  But to mark the start of ten weeks of study, check out what one of my fellow class members did to his course notes. Worth a look even if you’re not studying it ‘cos they are marvellous

Woah!Woah! check this out

There is nothing I don’t like about this unofficial Tintin title sequence  the music is great too.

Pixar’s MBA (that’s Movie based advice)

Fast co. Design had a great piece this week called The 5 Secrets To Pixar’s Success  – well worth reading.

Advice for Twitter users

A great blog post on Twitter etiquette following the Brooker, Cameron Lizard farrago.

Picture caption of the week

Brilliant screengrab from @ckanal

CNN reports Blackberry outage even worse than feared, affecting “almost every planet”

Criminalize decaf

Great workplace rules posters. Can’t tell you how much I agree with Criminalize Decaf


I  saw this on ESPN America. I don’t want to ruin it but off-road riding really is quite dangerous.

Er, please don’t throw me out

The incredibly hard UK citizenship test. I Felt sure the answer to the Halloween question was to hide!

Internet is the mother of invention

Inventors scrap isolation and take to the internet


Science Fiction Encyclopedia beta is now online



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