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AI Class: Week 2

Stanford's AI-Class

Stanford's AI-Class: Image from ai-class.com

Well, there was a high probability that AI Class was going to get tougher. And it didn’t fail to disappoint in week two.

The theme of this week’s class has been probability and probabilistic inference, it’s essentially the underlying mathematics of how computers go about understanding complex systems.

Probabilities, it turns out are used by computers in diagnostics, prediction and machine learning. They are the lubricant which greases the cogs of Google, our financial systems and robotics.

It’s been a hugely challenging week. I’ve had to balance a very heavy work week with some – at least to me – tricky calculations and some heavy theory.

It’s still fun, but finding the time to really study the problems has been tough.

However, a side benefit has been that AI Class has helped my daughter with her times tables. She is trying to learn her tables in order to win a reward of being taken to see Tintin at the cinema.

She’s been a little reluctant to study, but I think seeing her dad wrestle with Bayes Networks and D-Separation has encouraged her too.

I think we’ve both learned the benefits of persistence, though I’m guessing her homework scores may be a little better than mine this week.


2 thoughts on “AI Class: Week 2

  1. Not possible not to comment on this as another Brompton rider and AI class participant; also writing about the AI class experience here: http://fm.schmoller.net/ai-course/.

    Posted by Seb Schmoller | October 30, 2011, 9:02 pm

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