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TWTWTW: Number 6

Another troll though the week’s interweb offerings and sadly another horrible story with which to start. RIP Gary Speed. Football is a tribal thing. You support your team through everything, it’s us against the world and the players who are privileged enough to pull on the jersey represent that. Usually, the tribal nature of football … Continue reading

AI Class: Week 6

The Mid-term exam took place this week, 72 hours to try to work out exactly what it is I’ve studying for the last five weeks. The exam itself was straightforward, as in it followed the same format as the course modules and I tried to treat like a regular exam, a fair bit of study, … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Why it’s good to talk

Some of the best writing I’ve come across recently has been through serendipity, mainly thanks to the retweets of people I happen to follow on Twitter. A couple of week’s ago it was a beautiful piece based on the I have a pencil scene in  V for Vendetta , this week it’s a heart-rending piece … Continue reading

Week 5: AI Class

Week five and the course rolls on to tackle planning and uncertainty Reinforcement learning, or how intelligent agents can deal with random environments, like public spaces and how they can be taught to overcome these challenges. It’s illustrated quite nicely in this video below, one of the lectures from the course. Unlike last week, which … Continue reading

TWTWTW: News Anchors Away

Another very short run though of my week on the web, too much to do on AI Class to write long intro’s I’m afraid, so on we go. Fist of fun Stewart Lee on Ricky Gervais and offence: Never saw them do this at ITV Ever wondered what happens after the news anchors shuffle their … Continue reading

AI Class: week four

This week the focus of the course was on representation through logic and planning. These are the tools with which our AI agent represents and solves problems or plans a course of action. If I’m honest (and I’m trying to be) week four was the toughest for me so far. So far the course has … Continue reading

Big Bang’s Sheldon – a new breed of hero

How does one go about inspiring the next generation to choose to study science and technology subjects. Well if The Observer is anything to go by, you just write a hit sitcom. The Big Bang Theory, currently being shown on E4, features the geeky escapades of a group of nerdy physicists. According to the Observer … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Double Deckard, V and the Death pumpkin

Another swift round-up of my week on the interweb. There’s a distinct filmic feel to this week… Double Deckard Ridley Scott as we know is dabbling with Blade Runner once more. It’s probably a sequel  but it probably won’t feature Harrison Ford. Cutting edge up front A few months ago I wrote about an incredible … Continue reading