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TWTWTW: Double Deckard, V and the Death pumpkin

Another swift round-up of my week on the interweb. There’s a distinct filmic feel to this week…

Double Deckard

Ridley Scott as we know is dabbling with Blade Runner once more. It’s probably a sequel  but it probably won’t feature Harrison Ford.

Cutting edge up front

A few months ago I wrote about an incredible book called Moneyball and wondered whether football might not learn a lesson or two from Sabremetrics. Seems like the Geordies have  (on Page 14)

Remember, remember…

This is a little bit heartbreaking. V for Vendetta: I have a pencil

E@t my goal

Mexican Soccer Team Replaces Names With Twitter Handles On Players’ Jerseys:  I will use this as an excuse to point you towards technology, social media and sport.

The year of web tv

It was certainly the week of web TV related posts:

Lovely day

Great YouTube flash mob – go misty eyed and watch

Climbing a Zepladder

Rather like this stairway to heaven

Maketers manifesto

Quite liked this: a manifesto for the maker movement 

 This engine just purrs

Cats Of Engineering

You’re far too trusting…

The destruction of Alderaan, with pumpkins.

And finally

Lego street art

Amazing street art (via paper.li)



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