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AI Class: week four

Stanford's AI-Class

Stanford's AI-Class: Image from ai-class.com

This week the focus of the course was on representation through logic and planning. These are the tools with which our AI agent represents and solves problems or plans a course of action.

If I’m honest (and I’m trying to be) week four was the toughest for me so far. So far the course has introduced a concept, demonstrated its operation or application and then reinforced it with quizzes. The explanations behind the quiz answers have been some of the most useful aspects of the course.

For me, I like to be able to understand the underlying principles of how an answer was arrived at, the quizzes assist with this. This week there quiz element was quite sparse.

Norvig and Thrun have quite distinct teaching styles and I think I’m more attuned to Thrun.  It does sound like an excuse but again, I think it was the absence of quizzes which was the main issue. Again time has been a factor here but hoping to get back on track before the appearance of next week’s mid-term.

The other highlight of the week was the introduction of virtual office hours using Google + hangouts, potentially I think this is a really good idea to provide interaction with students. Again there were a few technical issues (I’m waiting to see the session on YouTube) but as in any experiment of this scale there were bound to be a few slight hiccups.

This week it’s planning and uncertainty and reinforcement learning. Uncertainty I can deliver in spades and anything that reinforces my learning can only be a good thing!


2 thoughts on “AI Class: week four

  1. I got my lowest score so far on the week 4 homework – I don’t know if it was the complexity of the homework, or the lack of quizes, or the need for clarification (or indeed, my own deficiencies in the area – which is probably the best part of it) – but week 4 just didn’t take as well as I’d like for me.

    Either way, the entire reason I’m doing the course is to learn hidden markov models, so this week I’ll be putting in a supreme effort – best o’ luck to us both!

    P.S. I run a wordpress site also, and I’ve got to say that your comment system seems a lot nicer than mine! Plugin? Theme?

    Posted by r3dux | November 11, 2011, 6:36 am

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