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TWTWTW: News Anchors Away

Another very short run though of my week on the web, too much to do on AI Class to write long intro’s I’m afraid, so on we go.

Fist of fun

Stewart Lee on Ricky Gervais and offence:

Never saw them do this at ITV

Ever wondered what happens after the news anchors shuffle their papers – find out now

How to tell if you’re flying too low

Er, that shouldn’t be there should it?   (Via/ @Reddit)

Advice of the week

From Peter Serafinowicz

If you’re reading a boring book, turn all the full stops into exclamation marks.

It does the Stairway in 10 par secs

Another reason why I need to learn to play my electric guitar

Are you sitting comfortably

Why storytelling might not be the answer


Cthulhu appears in Mariana Trench infographic.

Meeja news

Wired.com photo policy: all staff-produced photos will now be Creative Commons licensed

Dark Knight occupies Wall Street

Dark Knight Rises epic street battle preview filmed on Wall Street

Orangey bloom

Netherlands glows brightest in beautiful map of global Twitter interaction illuminated by different languages

And finally

Last week I mentioned the LEGO street art – here’s the finished version


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