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AI Class: Week 6

Good at Linear Regression - who knew?

The Mid-term exam took place this week, 72 hours to try to work out exactly what it is I’ve studying for the last five weeks.

The exam itself was straightforward, as in it followed the same format as the course modules and I tried to treat like a regular exam, a fair bit of study, attempting to do it in one sitting.

However, with a three-day window, the beauty is that at least you could go back and recheck answers, think about the ways in which you answered the questions and resubmit. At least I thought that was a plus,  I think this might have actually been my downfall.

On checking the answer’s I had managed to talk myself out of a number of correct answers, purely because I over thought the answers.  The areas where I was less certain, such as linear regression, I actually did better because I didn’t trust myself to discover a better answer.

Live and learn.

I still aim to get round to watching the office hours, but I need to catch up with the coursework too.

However this week I also found out (via @Timkastelle on Twitter) that Stanford is offering a range of other courses online – check out the details here



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