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TWTWTW: Number 6

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Another troll though the week’s interweb offerings and sadly another horrible story with which to start.

RIP Gary Speed.

Football is a tribal thing. You support your team through everything, it’s us against the world and the players who are privileged enough to pull on the jersey represent that.

Usually, the tribal nature of football means it’s hard for some fans to publicly acknowledge the skills and abilities of the opposition. Sometimes it’s hard for fans to remember that the players are human beings too.

Today this was brought home with the shocking news that Gary Speed, a very gifted and seemingly likeable footballer, apparently took his own life.

Last week I began this weekly post with a link to a powerful blog about depression. This week the Guardian published a column about it. It’s a little more poignant today


This is an incredible tale. A woman who lost the use of her legs through an accident becomes the tree time world handcycling champ. On a training run she has an another accident, REGAINS the use of legs and is now a pro cyclist

A new web movement

May I present eyebombing.com

This child may need help

(via @andrewducker) The most terrifying picture ever drawn by a 9-year-old

Voxpop of the week

I love this. The voxpop is on what is snogging, the quote of the year is at the end


They take Ikea products and turn em into something else

Bauble Fett

This might be a tad early, but came across this: Lego Christmas ornaments


I watched the Rich hall documentary on the road movie – it featured the music from Badlands which I’ve always loved, so thought I’d share it here

Yay a sequel

This is very good news from @tubefilter: Joss Whedon on ‘Dr. Horrible’ Sequel: “We Have a Bunch of Songs”

And finally

A look at how social media has revived The Muppets


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