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TWTWTW: These are the snowflakes you’re looking for?

In a week in which we said goodbye to Christopher Hitchens and Vaclav Havel here’s my week on the web. Hoping to get back to a more regular (and varied) set of posts now that AI Class is out-of-the-way (ish). Anyway time to plough on with what the wonderful world of the interweb has to offer.

First a public service announcement.

Save the Bugle News now…

The Bugle, the podcast which has helped me retain my sense of humour for the last four years is in danger of ceasing to be. We cannot let this happen people… Go fill this survey thing in


Mmm, more difficult than they look were they...

 That’s no moon…

Of course not, it’s a series of Star Wars themed snowflakes I and on a related Star Wars theme Imperial Walkers hit London.

Awesome rumour of the week

Mario Balotelli, the man with a penchant for setting off firework displays in his bathroom has apparently been driving round Manchester, dressed as Father Christmas, handing out money. I want this to be true sooo much.

Maker movement

3D Printing and 4 other disruptive technologies currently attacking traditional markets while creating new ones

NPR on libraries’ move to become hackerspaces

Zombie font

Zombie Typeface

Meeja news

Great blog post on designing the BBC iPlayer iPhone app

Best Quote i’ve read this week

Wine is bottled poetry. ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON (1850-94)

Wanted poster designer, GSOH Brilliant street art

Don’t stop me now

This is good for the soul

And finally

The Banalien…


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