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TWTWTW: The “I took Christmas off special”

Yes, the blog has been left a little fallow the last few weeks, what with the Christmas festivities and all that drinking and eating – but mostly drinking.

So my round-up of the interweb is a bit more bumper than usual. So without further ado…


Blade Runner poster: IMDBI’ve read things you people wouldn’t believe…

Apologies to Rutger Hauer for the headline, but the very much out of print Blade Runner design sketchbook is online – oh and it’s free.

Box office blues

Movie critic Roger Ebert explains why film revenue is dropping

Zombie movie art

Zombified Movie Poster Art

RIP Cheetah (or is it?)

Tarzan’s go-to-guy (or in this case chimp) went to the big animal sanctuary in the sky, or maybe not...

In Space, no one can hear you go Squeee…

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus – The Trailer

…That probably goes for the Shire too…

First trailer for Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT

Now I have a bunny ho-ho-ho

Die Hard in 30 seconds with bunnies

Insert your own Team America joke here…

Kim Jong Il, the Director He Kidnapped, and the Awful Godzilla Film They Made Together

Meeja news

Wagging the long tail

With large media organisations still scraping around for ideas to pay the rent in the digital age – this might be worth re-reading.

Dropbox instant transfer

Dropbox ‘experimenting’ with photo and video import, enables instant transfer to the cloud

Netflix net gain

Netflix Now the 15th Most-Watched TV ‘Network’ in U.S.

Make it so…

A very literal designer toy

The Shapeways blog describing a very personal toy story

Books transport you to another country

Look at these landscapes carved from books

No such thing as a new idea

Proto-maker spaces: the “New Inventors Club”


TV trivia fact of the day

Mayim Bialik (Amy from The Big Bang Theory) has a real life PhD in neuroscience.

Holmes and Who

Sherlock is not impressed




Musical MRI

MRI technicians tune machine to play “Smoke on the Water”

3D Prints

This is just stunning – rapid prototyping to create amazing portraits


Winners of the Nat Geo Photo Contest 2011…some of these are just stunning. Number 6 is very Blade Runner

Hip Hop comics

Brain Rot: Similarities Between Hip Hop and Comic Books

Nice quote

We’re all going to have to live in the future – probably as soon as next week. DOUGLAS ADAMS


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